Hari Raya Wishlist with Lazada Malaysia

YUSUF TAIYOOB…..Yusuf Taiyoob. A gentle voice was heard when I was driving down the road. I smiled gently.  Yes, the similar voice around Ramadhan holy month is here again. For non-Muslim like me, I respect my Muslimah friends faith. Actually, I quite enjoy Ramadhan month. I can go search for new street food at Ramadhan bazaar. I can have breakfast with my friend at different Ramadhan buffet. Thus, it is a time for me to share some gift  ideas for my beloved Muslimah friends.


#1  Yusuf Taiyoob Kurma

Yusuf Taiyoob Kurma RM9.90 Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

How can I miss this high fiber food? Kurmar date is considered one of the good date. I will give this date to Nina. Nina is currently pregnant. She need it for her baby and her good health.


#2 Tupperware Lunch Boxes 2 Tiles

Tupperware lunch Boxes 2 Tiles RM43.90 Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

Johor will implement no plastic in year 2017. It is a very good initiative to promote green environment.  Why not start this habit as soon as possible. As Elya, my university friend, work in a remote industrial area, I hope she can use this Tupperware to pack her food.

Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia Facebook

#3 Allwin Coffee Flask

Allwin Flash RM19.39 Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

Norlin worked as a lecturer. I often see her coughing after class. To add on, the weather is getting quite hot. It will be good to drink warm water after class. Thus, this flask is very suitable for her.


#4 Pineng Power Bank

Pineng 10kmah power bank RM37.00 Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

I need to get a gift myself too. I misplaced my powerbank last month. This Raya festival, I will need a power bank. I can keep posting intagram photos when I visited rumah terbuka (open house).


The expenses of 4 items are less than RM300.00. The most important point is the gift sincerity. No money can buy the friendships I have with my friends.  A small gift to brighten up their festival mood will be a great idea.


Check out Lazada Riang Ria Raya mega sale for more information.

Website: http://www.lazada.com.my/riang-ria-raya/

Facebook: http://facebook.com/LazadaMalaysia

Image Credit Lazada Malaysia Facebook Page





Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

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