Malaysia has 4 seasons. Hot day, super hot day, rainy day and cloudy day.  Rejoice with me!  SLIDE the CITY is here in Johor Bahru to cool down super hot day. The 1000- foot giant water slide has landed at Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini or Hutan Bandar MBJBT. Date: 15 October 2016 Day: Saturday Time:… Read More

YUSUF TAIYOOB…..Yusuf Taiyoob. A gentle voice was heard when I was driving down the road. I smiled gently.  Yes, the similar voice around Ramadhan holy month is here again. For non-Muslim like me, I respect my Muslimah friends faith. Actually, I quite enjoy Ramadhan month. I can go search for new street food at Ramadhan… Read More


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Tripda’s 10 most deserving Blog Entry Award

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Lazada Blogger Contest 2015 First Runner-Up

Lazada Blogger Contest 2015 First Runner-Up

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There are  many parties during year end. Our company has organised annual ball and Christmas party. While, most of my friends are having their wedding banquets. There are several  reasons contribute to the number of parties at year end. It is school holiday in Malaysia . Parent can bring kids to attend different functions. On the other… Read More

As a lady, you life will transform after you are married. Mr. Ang and I just settled down.  My life style start to change. I didn’t mean to scare my readers. Married life is definitely different from “bachelor” life. During my “bachelor” time Travel when AirAsia has zero fare promotion Cafe hopping with friends Eat… Read More