After we left Boracay and fly to Manila, my mind was left at Boracay. I missed the blue sky, blue ocean, white sand and tall coconut trees. I missed everything. I kept messaged Mr. Ang to travel to Philippines with me again. The room at @azumihotel has a simple yet spacious room design. It is… Read More


I was looking at the hamster globe like ball at the stage. I swallowed my saliva strenuously . My heart was beating madly. ArtChan, you tak takut ke? I takut. Tetapi ini sekali sahaja dalam hidup. I mesti try lah. Translation ArtChan, don’t you feel afraid? Yes, I am scared. But this is once in… Read More

Bride-to-be is always excited and anxious to find the fabulous wedding dress for her big day. There are so many blog and magazine give guides and tips for choosing the right wedding gown. However, this doesn’t help LerLer. LerLer is a travel blogger by nature. My closet is full with t-shirt and pants. Skirt and… Read More

Alibaba’s World: How a Remarkable Chinese Company is Changing the Face of Global Business by Porter Erisman. I first get to know when I was studying first year in university. I didn’t really understand what is the website about. I was more interested in Taobao literally mean treasure hunt in Chinese. I enjoy… Read More