Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tech word to reduce the tedious job. Does it apply to Ph.D. Research? Yes, here are some AI tools you may use. #1 IRIS. AI Iris ai uses a combination of keyword extraction, word embeddings, neural topic modeling, word importance based similarity of document metrics and hierarchical topic modeling. It… Read More

14 Sept 2019 Want to enjoy roasted duck in Johor Bahru? The popular recommendation from Johorean will be Meng Meng Roasted Duck Restaurant (阿明皇帝鸭).  The chef uses the freshest and best ingredients to roast the duck. I prefer the roasted pork belly. The roasted pork belly has roasted till golden brown skin. One bite can… Read More

30 August 2019 31 August 2019 is Malaysia National day. 1 September 2019 is Awal Muharram. It will be a long weekend. During this long weekend, we decided to have a family gathering at KFry Urban Korean Restaurant at Holiday Villa. KFry Urban Restaurant is very famous for it’s Korean fried chicken. Since it’s opening,… Read More

9 August 2019, Friday 05:00 am wake up, cook porridge and get ready 08:00 am depart from Johor Bahru 11:30 am lunch at Burger King 02:30 pm check-in First World Hotel 03:30 pm late lunch at Paradise Restaurant 05:00 pm tour around First World Plaza, Sky Avenue, and Awana Sky Central 08:00 pm enjoy Gindoco… Read More